Vonnie’s Votes


The Shade of the Moon

I am super excited to read the fourth book in the “Moon” series by Susan Beth Pfeffer.  I am disappointed that I haven’t been able to acquire an audiobook version, but glad I have the book.  

Stay tuned for my review.  

P.S.  Thanks to Nanci/neverwearmatchingsox, for allowing me a little space in her blog world.  It is an honor!



One comment on “Vonnie’s Votes

  • Hi,
    I found your blog on the Bookblogger List. Another one of my picture books in the series “Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 16-18” is now free to download on most ebook platforms. I would love to get your opinion and request a little review. As you know reviews are so important and your contribution would be very valuable. Also I would be honoured to appear on your blog as an author, if applicable. The free download will be available for another few days. Afterwards it will revert to paid. But then the next book will be for free. Thank you so much for your consideration.


    Kind regards, Werner

    P.S.: Please disregards this email, if I have already approached you through other channels.

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