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Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon

Published November 8, 2013 by neverwearmatchingsox

I found this book to be such a sweet story. Penguin picks up a Pinecone and it quickly becomes his friend. They do everything together however Penguin soon discovers that Pinecone belongs in a place where it is warmer, so that Pinecone can grow. Penguin takes Pinecone to the forest and leaves it there even though Penguin is sad. Penguin returns one day to find that Pinecone has grown into a beautiful, large pine tree. A whimsical story about friendship and love.


Picture Books by Lane Smith

Published November 8, 2013 by neverwearmatchingsox

Abe Lincoln's DreamJohn, Paul, George & BenMadam President  I love the illustrations in these books as well as the different font.  It makes me read it like a child….bigger font is much more important that little font….and it deserves to be read as such.  These are very fun picture books that include some historical facts about people who shaped our history (well except for Madame President…she has to name her “cabinet” and it consists of her very important stuffed animals…as well it should:-)

I think these are a great addition to home and school libraries alike.