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Sam Garton and Otter are a fabulous pair

Published August 25, 2016 by One Page at a Time

I have been seriously slacking!  I wrote about more Otter fun without ever mentioning Otter before…I hope Otter and Sam  will forgive me.  Otter lives with Otter Keeper and together they celebrate Halloween, talk about school and Otter even goes to outer space…in addition to starting her own school.  This is such a fun series with great illustrations.  I can’t get enough of Otter.

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The Otter, The Spotted Frog and the Great Flood

Published September 26, 2013 by One Page at a Time

I love folk tales. I love the passage of stories through the generations. I didn’t have that as a kid, so when I read these stories, I yearn for time long ago. This story was beautiful. I loved the illustrations and I felt happy after I read this. I received it as an arc from Netgalley and the publisher (thank you:-). I will purchase this for my school library and read it with my older kids as I think they will appreciate it like I do!

The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood: A Creek Indian Story