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The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner

Published September 15, 2016 by One Page at a Time

Kate Messner writes about such a wide range of topics. I actually discovered this book because I read an article that Kate was asked to NOT attend a school visit due to this book. I would imagine that we will see this on the Banned/Challenged book list very soon.
Charlie is an Irish dancer, a sister, a friend, a daughter who she discovers a fish that grants wishes. She quickly learns that wishing for what she wants doesn’t always turn out the way she expects.
This book deals with the very difficult topic of drug addiction. I can understand the reluctance of educators and parents when it comes to this book, but Kate’s response to the disinvite was brillant: “When we decide a book is inappropriate for a school library because it deals with a tough subject, we’re telling kids in that situation that their problems can’t even be talked about,” read the whole article here.

These types of books are important.  It can help a kid not feel alone.  It can help a parent talk about a difficult topic.  It can help everyone start a conversation.


It started with the scent of a rose……

Published April 8, 2015 by One Page at a Time

The False Memory series by Dan Krokos leads us on a journey of discovering who the characters really are.  Is the Miranda in book 1 the original?  Or is she the clone of a clone of a clone?  Action, love, good vs. bad….the best of all the things you may like in a series.  Dystopian in nature, this has kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more.


OBOB–a work in progress

Published July 28, 2014 by One Page at a Time

I have officially completed one book on my new to read list for the Oregon Battle of the Books.  There were a few on the list I had already read so I will update this post as time allows me to.  What to say about this book????  Not my favorite.  A little intense for the 3-5 grade level they have assigned it to.  It reminded me of Storm Runners (which I love by the way) in the first few pages.  I will be very interested to hear what the kids at school and my cohort have to say about this title.

Night of the Twisters

My So Called Ruined Life by Melanie Bishop

Published June 5, 2014 by One Page at a Time

My So-Called Ruined Life (Tate McCoy, #1)    I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried while reading a book. 1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the realization that is was over was devestating to me) 2) Wonder…bullying at it’s finest…or worst, however you look at it 3) The One and Only Ivan (being an animal lover this one did me in) and now 4) My So-Called Ruined Life…this was not something I was expecting this morning, on the bus no less. I picked up this book because it popped up on Gooodreads and had fantastic reviews. I was lucky enough that it was actually on the shelf at my branch and I was immediatley hooked.
Tate McCoy has a bucket list of sorts. It is meant to be short term however meeting “Swimmer Boy” “Boy who Saws”–aka Sawyer–throws a wrench in her plan. Tate is surrounded by extended family. Her aunt on her mom’s side, her uncle from her dad’s side and many more. Being surrounded by so much love would be recognized as a blessing by many. However in Tate’s situation it is tragic. Her recovering alcoholic mother was murdered (they were estranged but working towards reconcilliation) and her father is in prison accused of this horrific crime. Fortunately Tate has her best friend Leafy Green aka Kale to help her through her “so called ruined life”.
According to Goodreads, this is a triology. I would love to follow along on Tate’s journey however this installment wrapped up so nicely I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything.