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Tad Hills….another great author/illustrator

Published October 2, 2016 by One Page at a Time

I think that I first came across Tad Hills when I saw a Rocket book.  Then I was fortunate to see Tad tell a story at Wordstock (in Portland, OR) one year.  What a great experience. He is kind, talented and a great storyteller.

He has several books that he has published, but Rocket and Duck and Goose are my go tos:

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Sam Garton and Otter are a fabulous pair

Published August 25, 2016 by One Page at a Time

I have been seriously slacking!  I wrote about more Otter fun without ever mentioning Otter before…I hope Otter and Sam  will forgive me.  Otter lives with Otter Keeper and together they celebrate Halloween, talk about school and Otter even goes to outer space…in addition to starting her own school.  This is such a fun series with great illustrations.  I can’t get enough of Otter.

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Chick n Pug books by Jennifer Sattler

Published February 19, 2016 by One Page at a Time

Chick has read The Adventures of Wonder Pug 127 times!!!!  It is safe to say that it is Chick’s favorite book.  But life in the chicken coop isn’t all it’s cracked up to be  (haha) so Chick sets off to find some adventure when he comes across a real live wonder pug.  Chick swoons as he watches Pug sleep but will Pug ever wake up and have adventures with Chick????  Great illustrations, great story and it is part of a series!




It’s Christmas time and Chick wants to learn all about Santa and his elves.  Another fun book by Jennifer Sattler with great illustrations and a sweet story!  Check out her website and see all the other great books she has written.




Chick and Pug are at it again. This time, their squeaky hamburger toy is missing! Oh now, what are they going to do!!!!



23848193   How could you not adore this cover????  I haven’t read this one yet but I imagine it is just as sweet as the others.

The Blackcoat Rebellion by Aimee Carter

Published December 20, 2015 by One Page at a Time

I think I had started reading an advanced reader’s copy of this and got distracted by something else. Saw it sitting on the shelf at the library and decided to dedicate actual time to it. Kitty Doe lives in a world where your test results dictate the rest of your life. The government allows VI and up access to the best of everything while the II and III struggle just to get by and when they are too old, they are sent to elsewhere….a mysterious place that people don’t seem to return from. Trying to keep her not yet 17 year old boyfriend safe she sets off with her friend Tabs to the underground clubs where she will have to sell her body to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, something happens and 2 weeks later she is no longer herself.




As quick as I wrote that first review, I had book 2 finished and then book 3 was right behind.  This is one of my favorite series in a long time.  Fast paced, Carter does a great job of grabbing your attention and inviting you to care about these characters.  I’m sad the series is over.


Nancy Clancy Soccer Mania

Published December 20, 2015 by One Page at a Time

I’m so so happy that there are Fancy Nancy books for older kids.  They love them so.  As with the other Nancy Clancy books, all of Nancy’s friends are here as well as her sister JoJo.  Nancy is not the best soccer player and certainly not as good as Bree.  But Bree is patient and even asks JoJo and her friend to play a bit of soccer with them.


Picture books, graphic novels and fun…OH MY!

Published November 12, 2015 by One Page at a Time

I have neglected my poor blog lately but not because I don’t love reading and posting, but OBOB is very time consuming.  I had a break in my schedule and found a bunch of advanced reader’s I haven’t read yet.  So thank you to Edelweiss and the publishers for allowing me access to these titles!

Up first is 10 Busy Brooms by Carole Gerber.  A fun rhyming counting Halloween book.  Great illustrations and very fun to read!  It is added to my “to order” list for next year.


Next is 10 Little Ninjas by Miranda Paul    .  With a cover like this what is not to like   love!!   I wasn’t sure what this was going to be so I found myself super excited when I found out it was more along the lines of “5 Little Monkeys” which I sing at storytime a lot! Great illustrations and so much fun this is on my to order list for the fall!


Finally, Matthew McElligott  has a new graphic novel coming out to add to the series of Mad Scientist Academy.  This on is titled The Weather Disaster.  He has some pretty fantastic books and now a graphic novel teaching about weather..  I even learned a couple of things!!






The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm

Published November 9, 2015 by One Page at a Time

Such a cute story. There is a storm outside and the little bears think there are monsters outside so they wake up their parents and ask to sleep in their bed. Once the last little one is in bed, big bear can’t sleep and now he wonders if there IS a monster outside…..fantastic illustrations but the same illustrator of Karma Wilson’s bear series (I knew I liked this for a reason:-) and a fun read.