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I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster

Published June 3, 2015 by One Page at a Time

23398854In my eyes, Jen can do no wrong. If you are a Jen Lancaster reader, then you have followed along with her successes and struggles through life. This memoir is a grown up version of Jen…and we follow along as she discovers her talent for repairing and restoring furniture, taking her first trip out of the country, and making a conscience decision to try and unhook from social media…something I have wondered about for a while now.  We happily lived our lives for many many years without being completely connected…waiting for that next comment or poke.  When did our society decide it was ok to be mean and rude to people they don’t know?  Would these people do that if they had to be face to face with a human being?   Thank You Jen!!! You give me hope.

Alan Cumming

Published February 22, 2015 by One Page at a Time

Alan Cumming, stage and screen star, writes a brutally honest biography about his childhood, his family and the discoveries made while filming Who Do You Think You Are?. Born the second of child of Alex Cumming and Mary Darling, Alan was forced to work for his father as a young boy. He often did not perform those work duties up to his father’s standards and was punished as such. This is a very personal look at his life but never do you think he is playing the victim. He seems to have used his childhood as a model for which to live his adult life, as so many of us do, but he doesn’t do what his father did instead leading his life respecting others and loving unconditionally. I will read this again once all the holds are gone through at our library.



IF you are unfamiliar with Alan Cumming’s screen work take a peak at his IMDB page

And if you are unfamiliar with his stage work, I just discovered that Internet Broadway Database:



Choosing to L-O-V-E this book.

Published November 17, 2014 by One Page at a Time

Neil Patrick Harris is one of those rare celebrities that make you truly care about him…admire him…and even look up to him.  Told with brutal honesty, this account is about his life, both what we have seen and what we have not.  I choose to read this cover to cover and not follow along on the “choose your own adventure part”…well at least not this time.  My next reading will be skipping around, following along and laughing even harder.  Thanks Neil, for sharing your life with us.


Haldol and Hyacinths by Melody Moezzi

Published October 27, 2013 by One Page at a Time

I enjoy memoirs about real people and their real lives. Even though the subject matter may be a difficult one to read about, it is so important to remove the stigma that is associated with mental health issues. Melody’s honest account of her journey opened my eyes to the treatment that some who are afflicted with mental health issues receive, both by the lay person and medial professionals. As with many other diseases, no 2 people will have the same symptoms, behaviors or actions. By opening ourselves up to the possibility that someone may be struggling with mental health issues, we can create safe warm environments for people to get well in.
As someone who works in the public sector, I will keep Melody’s journey at the front of my mind before I place judgement on individuals I come in contact with.

Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life