The Fixer–books 1 and 2 by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Published July 31, 2016 by neverwearmatchingsox

Jennifer Lynn Barnes has written many things.  I found her just by chance.  The first thing I read by her, The Fixer, had me turning the pages, wanting more the entire way through.  Tess Kendrick has lived with her grandfather “gramps” for many years, after her parents were killed.  Her sister, Ivy,  is almost non-existent in her life and Tess is bitter about that.  When Gramps dies, Tess thinks it will be easy to just live on her own, but Ivy has other plans for Tess.

Ivy is a “fixer” in the often turbulent city of Washington D.C.  She fixes all kinds of problems and anytime that Tess wants to know more, Ivy shuts the door.  Tess learns family secrets that she couldn’t ever imagine happened.  These secrets barely begin to touch the surface of the Kendrick family as well as families of Tess’s new friends.

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