After 30 days of jury duty, reading picture books is a must

Published July 24, 2016 by neverwearmatchingsox

“I won! I won!”  is what I sarcastically said when I was picked for Grand Jury duty.  A 30 day commitment, a man who wouldn’t shut up and many lunches paid for by the state, I missed reading to my heart’s content.  I am slowly catching up on all the reading I missed.  Today I decided just to pull up a seat on the floor of the library and read and read and read.  Here is what I found:


Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo by E.S. Redmond is a cute story of a little girl who has a cold, doesn’t use tissue and visits the zoo.  When she visits the zoo with the green slimy hands, the animals start to catch a cold too. Told in rhyming text, with illustrations that remind me of Gris Grimly (so much so I had to look up who Grimly was to make sure it wasn’t him) this was delightful to read. It is going in my “future storytime books” pile.




Stick! by Andy Pritchett looks to be the first book written by this author.  Bright illustrations, simple text will make this a fun book for storytime. Kids will be able to add to it with their own creative imagination.




Did You Know I Love you?  by Christa Pierce is such a sweet story.  Simple text that could be read to a group or one on one…..fantastic illustrations…and she is a Portland Oregonian to boot!!




Good Night World by Willa Perlman can easily be adapted to a STEM storytime book, with rhyming text and great illustrations, this story takes us around the world to say good night.




Ninja Bunny by Jennifer Gray Olson  I had read this long ago, but it was sitting on the shelf and I picked it up and remembered how much I liked it.  I think that I will add this to my storytime collection.  A ninja bunny must:  be super sneaky, must always work alone and possess incredible strength.  Unless of course, you are confronted with a big bear…




Maple and Willow Apart by Lori Nichols

So I think I have skipped a book in this series but no matter, the stories are lovely anyway.  When Maple was still just a whisper, her family planted a tree in her honor.  As Maple grew, so did her tree.  When she thought her tree was cold, she would share her warm jacket….and when the wind was just right, Maple would lay under the tree and the leaves would dance for her.


In Maple and Willow Apart, Maple is finally starting school.  Each day she runs home to tell Willow all about it…however, it makes Willow sad, so she decides to make a new friend.  Another sweet story with great illustrations.








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