2016 to-read-wish-list

Published January 10, 2016 by neverwearmatchingsox

With the new year, comes new books.  Some I have been anxiously awaiting (Marissa Meyer I’m talking to you:-) and others I am just finding out about.  Each year on Goodreads I set a goal and in 2015 I almost didn’t make it.  The reason?  OBOB.  I read 12 of the 16 on the list.  That is where most of my summer went.  This year I am going to have to find a new balance and make sure I beat my goal with no worries.  Here are just a few on my list for 2016:


18584855 (I do not know if this is final cover art or not)



24722065   20624438


22392926  17286690


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