The Blackcoat Rebellion by Aimee Carter

Published December 20, 2015 by neverwearmatchingsox

I think I had started reading an advanced reader’s copy of this and got distracted by something else. Saw it sitting on the shelf at the library and decided to dedicate actual time to it. Kitty Doe lives in a world where your test results dictate the rest of your life. The government allows VI and up access to the best of everything while the II and III struggle just to get by and when they are too old, they are sent to elsewhere….a mysterious place that people don’t seem to return from. Trying to keep her not yet 17 year old boyfriend safe she sets off with her friend Tabs to the underground clubs where she will have to sell her body to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, something happens and 2 weeks later she is no longer herself.




As quick as I wrote that first review, I had book 2 finished and then book 3 was right behind.  This is one of my favorite series in a long time.  Fast paced, Carter does a great job of grabbing your attention and inviting you to care about these characters.  I’m sad the series is over.



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