One of my favorite things….

Published June 29, 2015 by neverwearmatchingsox

I love opening Edelwiess and finding all of new picture books that I can access and not have to download…today was a gold mine!!!  First up Bear is not Tired by Ciara Gavin.  Bear and the ducks live under one room and Bear sometimes has trouble remembering that he isn’t actually a duck.  Winter is approaching and he is not the least bit tired, plus he thinks he will miss the fun.  Bear starts to fall asleep at the most inappropriate times and mama duck promises him he won’t miss anything.  Sweet story, great illustrations.

Next up Beard in a Box by Bill Cotter.  The boy in this story is convinced that his dad is awesome because of his beard, so he orders a Beard in a Box and waits patiently for it to arrive.  He follows all the directions only to discover that it is a total scam.  His dad shows him what it truly means to be awesome.  The entire time I was reading this I felt like I was watching a Chia Pet commercial:-)


and last but certainly not least, The Opposite Zoo by Il Sung Na, who is one of my favorite illustrators.    This one, about a zoo, takes kids through the different sights and sounds…soft/prickly, black/white, asleep/awake.  This doesn’t come out until 2016 but I will for sure be adding to my collection at school!


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