The Lonely Lake Monster and The Rain Dragon Rescue–more of Imaginary Veterinary

Published April 10, 2015 by neverwearmatchingsox

In between reading the 2015-16 OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) titles, I try and read something to “cleanse the palate” if you were….or read something silly and fun.  I like the Suzanne Selfors series enough to want to read them all.  Book 2, The Lonely Lake Monster, introduces yet a couple more “imaginary” creatures and more trouble for   Ben and Pearl.17242445

Book 3, The Rain Dragon Rescue, actually tugged at my heartstrings.  Ben and Pearl set out to rescue an enormous rain dragon, while once again, causing a smidge of trouble in the real world. Fortunately for them, Dr. Woo is a very forgiving person while Mr. Tabby is not.  We meet more imaginary creatures and watch the friendship between Ben and Pearl continue to grow.


Book 4 The Order of the Unicorn 18774025

Book 5 The Griffin’s Riddle 22241567   are both on my shelf right as I type…..


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