New Picture Book reviews……I’m catching up

Published March 27, 2015 by neverwearmatchingsox

I am not a fan of ebooks (have I already said that:-) but if I want to have my finger on the pulse of what is coming out in picture book land, I have to find out via the ebooks I don’t read.  Fortunately for me, Edelweiss makes it easy!!  Currently being on vacation, I am enjoying just reading.  Here are some picture books from QED Publishing out of the UK that will be coming out (  Some are better than others but all are worth a peak at….I just don’t know if these will be available in the states or not.

   A monkey finds a small rainbow in a tree but what happens to the  colors of the outdoors as the monkey and rainbow travel along??

23341961  A great story about friendship, not giving up and learning to tell time. The illustrations were great, the text easy to understand and this would be a great book for younger and older readers alike!

Train is on Tracks  Great illustrations, sweet story. This will be a hit with all of those little ones who love trains and other vehicles.


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