Mish Mash…or catching up on my story time shelf.

Published October 5, 2014 by neverwearmatchingsox

I think that my co-workers dread that time of the week when I’m furiously putting books on hold…but how am I to know if I like them or not without reading them???  Here are a few that were just screaming my name:

6137182   A book about all the things a tree does. Told in rhyming text, this is the kind of story that could be the start of an entire unit about trees, or just a read to your little one while snuggling kind of book.


421063I stumbled up Gris Grimly, the illustrator of this book, somewhere and decided to read everything that my library owned. This book, told in rhyming text, is a mix of Series of Unfortunate Events, Nightmare before Christmas and Coraline…the illustrations were fabulous. The rhyming text was a little off kilter for me, but if I was to read this at storytime I think I could make it work.

15947585  So this is the kind of book that makes complete sense to me as I am always making up lyrics to songs I know because I can’t remember the tune or song that it is supposed to be. I love the illustrations, and winter is my 2nd favorite season. This book reminds me of watching all the Christmas specials when I was a kid.

2137373   A “song book” for those ghastly monsters on a camp out. Written to the tunes of some of our childhood favorites, this book will sure delight even the grumpiest of ghouls!


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