OMG…a surprise from Marissa Meyer

Published June 20, 2014 by neverwearmatchingsox

I am in utter shock…a new Lunar Chronicles novel that I had no clue was coming out.  Fairest, a novel devoted to Queen Levana, is due to come out in January 2015.  A great surprise.  Winter, which was slated to be the last book in the series (and number 4) was due to be published Feb 2015 and is now coming out November 2015.  I am so excited, I just can’t stand it!


It is now March, 2015 and I forgot to post a review…sheesh I must be slacking.  This was a very quick read at less than 300 pages.  This book is all about Queen Levana and her rise to power.  Easily this could be read anywhere along the way.  If you haven’t read any of the Lunar Chronicles you could start with this and get a different perspective. OR you could read it after Cress, like the rest of us, and gain a whole different view of the Queen.


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