Moon at Nine by Deborah Ellis

Published June 8, 2014 by neverwearmatchingsox

Moon at Nine     I put off writing this review for a while.  I needed to percolate on it.  I have to admit 2 things:  This is the first book by Deborah Ellis that I have read and I was almost going to put it down for a bit after I started reading it.  Then, something struck me.  I read, read and read some more.  This was such a powerful read for me.  Beautiful, tragic and empowering.  This is based on the true story of Farrin, who grew up in Tehran in the 80’s.   A new girl, Sadira, arrives at school and they are soon inseparable.  Farrin and Sadira fall in love and in Tehran it is not accepted and even punishable by death.

Things affect me weirdly…stray animals tug at my heart, watching blind people walk by themselves sends me into a panic, reading/witnessing inequity among people…it all affects me greatly.  I’m still dumbfounded at this time in this world we live in that people are closed minded and mean.


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