My So Called Ruined Life by Melanie Bishop

Published June 5, 2014 by neverwearmatchingsox

My So-Called Ruined Life (Tate McCoy, #1)    I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried while reading a book. 1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the realization that is was over was devestating to me) 2) Wonder…bullying at it’s finest…or worst, however you look at it 3) The One and Only Ivan (being an animal lover this one did me in) and now 4) My So-Called Ruined Life…this was not something I was expecting this morning, on the bus no less. I picked up this book because it popped up on Gooodreads and had fantastic reviews. I was lucky enough that it was actually on the shelf at my branch and I was immediatley hooked.
Tate McCoy has a bucket list of sorts. It is meant to be short term however meeting “Swimmer Boy” “Boy who Saws”–aka Sawyer–throws a wrench in her plan. Tate is surrounded by extended family. Her aunt on her mom’s side, her uncle from her dad’s side and many more. Being surrounded by so much love would be recognized as a blessing by many. However in Tate’s situation it is tragic. Her recovering alcoholic mother was murdered (they were estranged but working towards reconcilliation) and her father is in prison accused of this horrific crime. Fortunately Tate has her best friend Leafy Green aka Kale to help her through her “so called ruined life”.
According to Goodreads, this is a triology. I would love to follow along on Tate’s journey however this installment wrapped up so nicely I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. 


4 comments on “My So Called Ruined Life by Melanie Bishop

  • I cried at the One and Only Ivan too! It was heart wrenching. My kids got so upset they didn’t want me to finish it. I had to finish on my own and tell them that it had an ending that would cheer them up before they’d let me read any more.
    I follow up on all the reviews of Tate’s journey because I did the cover art and the talented author is my aunt. I thought I’d say hi since I’m in Portland too.
    Thanks for the great review. I’m trying to get Melanie to visit to do some readings. Having some Portland fans will help.

    • Oh I’m so happy to meet another book cryer:-) and fellow “portlandian” It’s so great that you follow up on the reviews. Has Melanie ever done Wordstock? If Melanie ever does come to read in Portland, let me know….i would love to see her. And I work at the Albina library so I’m sure I could get co-workers to attend too. Thanks for reading my blog!

  • Hello Nanci! It was so great to see this review! I’m glad you found out about my book and that your library had a copy when you went looking for one. It’s very kind of you to blog about it and help spread the word. I’d love to know which part of the book made you cry while you were on the bus. And I probably need to read The One and Only Ivan. Thanks again for the kind words about My So-Called Ruined Life!

  • Hi Melanie,
    I became doomed once Tate found out the truth. You did such a beautiful job of conveying the emotions Tate was feeling and I felt it right along with her. The heartfelt meeting of Kevin, the reunion with Boy Who Swims, the adventure with Garbo…all very emotional and beautiful!

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