Catching up Again…..picture books

Published January 16, 2014 by neverwearmatchingsox

Here are some picture books that I read recently, or a long time ago….one never knows what they will get when they come to my blog:-)

Jump!  JUMP!  By Scott Fischer.  I gave it 4 stars on goodreads, but no review…I think I liked the illustrations alot and just a fun story.

Lots of Dots I’ve said it so many times before. I love rhyming books. This book would be fantastic for storytime…incorporate a craft, challenge the kids to see what other things are dots and just have fun.


Chicken Cheeks It’s all about to end….I mean it’s all about THE end….as in backside, rear, and bum. This story is about a bear who wants to reach the honey at the top of the tree. He enlists the help of his animal friends to help reach it and along the way we see silly names of animals tooshies….kids will laugh out loud at this funnily illustrated book.  On a side note, there are some not so nice reviews on Goodreads about this book…”This is children’s literature?” “Where did this story take place that a   moose would even meet a flamingo”.  Come on people….it’s a children’s picture book…and face it, kids like potty humor…no matter how much it bugs us.


Baby Bat's Lullaby   I’ve been obsessed with bat books since I read “Bats at the Library” by Brian Lies. This was a sweet nighttime type book. My only complaint is that the copy I have at school is a paperback….not effective for storytime readings.


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