Odd, Weird and Little by Patrick Jennings

Published October 2, 2013 by neverwearmatchingsox

This was such a fun story to read. I received this as an ARC from Edelweiss and the publisher (thank you) Woodrow isn’t the most popular kid in school…in fact he gets picked on. Enter a new student named Touluse (not sure I spelled that right) and he takes some of the attention off of Woodrow. Problem is, Woodrow feels like he will become an even bigger target if he befriends Touluse.
The two have so much in common…love of the outdoors, fishing, and eating. But when the new student behaves strangely, Woodrow begins to think he is seeing things. Once Woodrow meets the family of his new friend, he understands much more.
A great story about acceptance and friendship.

Odd, Weird & Little by Patrick Jennings


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