Pie by Sarah Weeks

Published October 1, 2013 by neverwearmatchingsox

I picked this up to read it because it is an OBOB book (Oregon Battle of the Books).  I had seen it in passing before and thought to myself, “Oh I haven’t read that author.  I should give her a try”.  This is a sweet story set in the 50’s.  Alice’s Aunt Polly makes the best pies in town.  So much so that even out of towners stop by the shop, appropriately named PIE, because they want to take some delicious goodness home.  Aunt Polly passes away, and as part of her will, she leaves her valuable pie crust recipe to her cat Lardo, or so it’s thought.
Alice tries to figure out who breaks into PIE, steals Lardo, and also sneeks into her room.  With her best friend, Charlie, by her side she mourns the loss of her aunt, becomes a detective and discovers that she remembers most of what Aunt Polly taught her about baking pies.
I’m glad that I took the time to read this and I’m encouraging kids at school to make it part of their to read list, even if they aren’t participating in battle of the books.

Pie by Sarah Weeks


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