Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

Published September 12, 2013 by neverwearmatchingsox

jedi academy    It is amazing to me that after all these years, Star Wars still have such a huge following.  That is true at my elementary school for sure.  The kids are always wanting a Star Wars book to read.  Whether it be Clone Wars, The Making of Star Wars or even Origami Yoda.  When I saw this on Netgalley, I figured I would give it a try.  This was a super cute book–journal–written by Roan.  His dream is to attend the Pilot Academy like others in his family.  Instead, he is assigned to go to to Tatooine Agriculture Academy.  He feels like his life is over.  During his time there, Roan learns alot from Master Yoda, even though he doesn’t always understand him.  At the end of his first year, Roan decided to continue his education the agriculture academy even though his father thinks he can get him into the Pilot Academy.  I won’t give away the ending:-)


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