Girl on the Line by Faith Gardner

Published July 17, 2022 by One Page at a Time

I picked this up off of the teen shelf just by reading the back. I had gone through a very long period of time when I just read Teen Dystopian Novels and this is not that. Journey felt that hopelessness that so many people feel at some point in their life and thought the only way out was suicide. Except she survived and now she has to live with the fact that she wanted to end her life. Her parents don’t know how to talk to her, her therapist has given her a diagnosis that may or may not be correct and Journey is just trying to figure things out. Journey starts to volunteer at a hotline and meets people who may be broken like her but are still living fulfilling lives and she begins to think that things can change for her.

Girl on the Line is an emotional ride and talks about a subject that too many want to sweep away.

Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom

Published July 17, 2022 by One Page at a Time

Have you ever had an obsessive thought? One that worries you so much, you can’t have fun with your friends? One that worries you so much that you are afraid something will happen to your mom and it will be all your fault? Kiki Kallira has such thoughts. Her only relief from those thoughts are the many many sketchbooks she has filled with drawings that help her escape. But what happens when that escape actually takes her to another dimension, leaving her mom all alone in their home. What happens when that escape takes Kiki to a world she thought only existed in her imagination and on the pages of her sketchbooks? Kiki doesn’t know how to use a sword let alone protect herself or others. How can she ever return home to her mom while also saving the lives of others when her thoughts prevent her from being able to do anything except be afraid???

A picture book by Kelly Yang, “Yes We Will”

Published July 17, 2022 by One Page at a Time

Just when I thought I was getting caught up on everything Kelly Yang had written, I stumbled upon a picture book that comes at a time when everyone needs to learn more about the contributions of the Asian community in America.

I found it beautifully written and illustrated, I learned a lot and this would be an important addition to any library.

Lift by Minh Le illustrations by Dan Santat

Published February 27, 2022 by One Page at a Time

I feel like I have a Dan Santat radar when I’m looking through/around/searching picture books. His illustrations always amaze me and I feel like I could understand his books if there were no words. However reading Minh le books is such a joy.
The buttons on the elevator go out of order and what’s a kid to do??? Keep trying! What you might find is a magical place that you can’t wait to return to.
Do it, find this book, pick it up and read it.

A Good Kind of Trouble by Lisa Moore Ramee

Published October 14, 2021 by One Page at a Time
Oregon Battle of the Books selection committee didn’t disappoint with this one. Again, another story that is so relevant to the times.
Shayla, along with her besties Julia and Isabella, make up the United Nations….friends for years, all from a different background. But true to kid fashion, it didn’t matter to them. As they start middle school however, things start to change.
Moore Ramee does a great job talking about BLM. Shootings, protests, standing up for what you believe in. A great book to read together as a family or as a read aloud in class.

It Feels Good to Be Yourself

Published October 21, 2020 by One Page at a Time

I was happy to see this type of book come across my check in desk at the library. The illustrations are fantastic. The message is important and educational. There are resources for parents. I just didn’t love the flow of the text. It would be difficult to be a read aloud for me, just because of the flow. There are many ways to talk about gender and this book is a step towards a more inclusive, diverse selection of picture books. People are people, no matter how they identify and they deserve respect and opportunity like everyone else.

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Areli is a Dreamer

Published October 20, 2020 by One Page at a Time

Areli is a little girl who lives in Mexico with her abuela and her brother. Her mother and father live in New York, trying to make a better life for the family. Areli talks to her parents every Sunday and after those calls, she wonders why she isn’t in America with her parents. It is especially confusing because her brother is able to go to America as he pleases because he was born there.
As time passes, and Alex is moved to New York, Arelia starts school and then the day arrives for Areli to leave Mexico.
America is so loud and different than the mountains Areli lived in. She learns English, makes friends and becomes a “Dreamer”.
Based on the life of the author, Arelia Morales, it is a beautiful, heart tugging story of being an immigrant in the United States. Through the creation of DACA, Areli is eventually approved and is now a Dreamer. The DACA program is always at risk, especially in this current administration, but these children deserve to be treated as equals and deserve to have a life here in America.
An important and beautiful read that should be in every classroom.

This book is due to be released June 8th, 2021

Fast Enough

Published October 17, 2020 by One Page at a Time

Have you ever been told that you aren’t enough? Fast enough, strong enough, pretty enough, tall enough. Bessie Stringfield was told almost all of that. She wished to ride a bike, like the boys, but didn’t know if she could. She began to ride everywhere as fast as she could. One day, as the boys were getting ready to race off, Bessie got ready as well and rode so fast she flew past them all.

Bessie Stringfield was a real person. She was the first African American woman to ride cross country solo on a motorbike. She would toss a penny on a map to see where she would ride to next. It wasn’t always easy however. These were the days when blacks weren’t allowed in all places so if she couldn’t find a hotel that she was allowed to stay in, she would sleep on her motorcycle overnight.

Great illustrations, easy text with some biographical information at the back.

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Love, Sophia on the Moon

Published October 17, 2020 by One Page at a Time

Did you ever want to run away as a child? Well, Sophia has had enough. Life just isn’t fair and she plans on running away to the moon. She leaves her mom a note and blasts off with her kitty, Mr. Wubbles. Mom wishes her a good trip and then sends Sophia cookies. Sofia is making friends and having a great time. Mom tells Sophia that she is going to let a moon friend sleep in her bed. Eventually Sophia gets homesick and wants mom to come to the moon. A great story for all kids. Lovely illustrations and text that is written as notes between Sophia and her mom.

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Can’t keep up

Published October 2, 2020 by One Page at a Time

So many things I can’t keep up on right now. Unfortunately reading is one of them…grrrr…I have so many books I want to read and so many more that I want to look for but I am standing in my own way. I have, however, started a book mobile so that I can take books to kids. Mostly these are kids I already serve at my school. I realized some of them might not have had a new book in 6 months. Since they aren’t allowed in their school library (ya know that thing called Covid) I decided to purchase some books, purchase some bins and put them in my car. It is slowly picking up pace now that they are settled into their distance learning. I have also taken books to kids that I didn’t know. Friends of friends, that kind of thing. I have received donations of books and cash (that was a surprise:-) you should check it out:

Here are some books I wish to catch up on:

The One and Only Bob (The One and Only Ivan): Applegate, Katherine